An Ekka fan from way back Jamie Sloan is sharing his memories with us on Vintagespeedway.
Blair Shepherd
Blair Shepherd, Bill Goode, Bob Tattersall.
Bill Goode and the Imperial Mtrs. Mulcahy Offy Q5
Blair Shepherd and the WRM Offy # Q99
Jeff Freeman and the Mackay Offy # 75
Barry Valentinna, Ron Wanless & Bill Goode tangle.
Des Kelly and the Valvoline ex Tattersall Offy Q11
Blair fits a wing to Q99.
Blair wins the Golden Helmet.
Another win for Blair.
Two of the Ekkas' greats - Bill Goode & Blair Shepherd.
Blair and the ....shovel ?
Thanks Jamie for these very nostaglic Qld. pics.