The Vintage Boys and Girls.
Photos by - Brian Darby
Sid Middlemass with an attentive audience at a Vintage run at Maitland.
John Harvey ( with Hilton McGee) has a run in his old drive - the ex Mackay Offy # 76.
" I thought I would see what it looked like in brown !"
Graham King at Horsham (Vic.) with SA 45 after driving through a big puddle..
Brian Linigen at Cullen Bullen.
"My phone number is in this package Santa !"
A Vintage Christmas Picnic Day .
Allan Edworthy at a Vintage Awards night.
Barry 'Beery' Davies at Newcastle.
Richard and Allan at Moruya.
Gavin after a spin at Moruya.
"Please, Please enough praise!"
Veteran midget driver Allan Marshall, Guest of Honour at a vintage dinner.
Sid Milddlemass at practice night for the Final meeting at The Royale in 1996 after a small collison with Gordon Benny when Gordon ran out of fuel.
Graham with video camera mounted - after a (not at fault) collision at Moruya.
"Aw ! youre not going to tell that one - are you ?"
Alan Streader (right) to Allan Skene.
"I still say mine went further than yours ! " .
Bob 'Streak' Blacklaw to the late Paul 'Raffles' Cotter referring to their beer keg rolling contest, with their 'Horse's Rear End' Award.
Laurie (left) after the big twin blow up ( above ) at Moruya.