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An early photo of Lionel Levy. His nicknames were, "Porky" or "The Mighty Atom". Lionel was small in stature , but huge on talent.
A late 1930's photo of l to r. American visitor "Pee Wee" Cullum, Fred Tracey, who later ran Tracey's Speedway in Melbourne and local Jack Arnfield.   Cullum, a talented rider, rode dressed as a clown in the American "Putt" Mossman troupe that toured Australia in 1937-38.
Allan Wall, on the right, was very successful at the Sportsground. Allan is shown here wearing his Poole Pirates breastplate.
"Mr Body Language " on a bike, Graham Warren runs outside "The White Ghost" Ken Le Breton.
The 1949 Test series. Oliver Hart, outside front. Graham Warren inside, Ken Le Breton ,outside rear and Jack Parker inside. This was good Speedway!
Ray Revel in the ex Johnny Balch Offenhauser , Australia # 1
The night of the famous match race between Frank " Satan" Brewer and Ray Revell at the Sportsground. Later in years,  when Frank was about 90, someone said "Gee Frank, you were a bit rough on Revell, you had your RF stuck right into him all the way". Frank replied with a gentle grin, "never touched him " ( he hadn' t seen this photo)
Frank Brewer in the blue and white Eddie Meyer Ford V860 midget # 99. This car was brought to Australia by Frank in 1949. He raced it for many years, Harry Neale of SA later raced it and lost his life in it, the car went to the Dark family in NSW ran as #2 and was finally owned by the Arthurson Family who ran it as #2 the "Berco".  It is now restored and runs in Vintage demonstrations with Bruce and Garry Arthurson of the ACT. 
Harold Barnes and his Jeep Special # 5. It was fitted with a Supercharger and was raced successfully by Harold against the likes of Brewer, Revell and Brabham. This car is now beautifully restored and lives in country NSW, Wagga Wagga. 
Lou Murphy in the ex Revell Q1 A Model Ford, seen here as # 6. Two drivers lost their lives in this car, Bill Annabel and Tony Burke.  
1950 and it's Krazy Nite at the Sydney Sportsground Speedway, Bill "Curl the Mo" Reynolds dressed in Drag is pushed away in the Reece Discombe V860  # NZ35. Bill was labelled  "Miss What-a Cam" because of the high profiles of his padded breasts. Fay Taylour also drove this night and she was called "Miss Leadfoot".
Discombe ran 4th in the World Speedcar title in this car in 1950.)
Jack "Pop" Ferguson in the Ward # 3 twin runs outside Bill Annabel in # 35. Both these drivers lost their lives in midgets. Jack at Cumberland and Bill at the Sportsground.
Two fabulous performers. Bill Reynolds and the Harold Barnes # 3 Holden. This was the first Holden engined midget to race in Sydney and it was debuted at the Sportsground. Bill won the "World" Speedcar title in this car in 1958.
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Frank Brewer in 99 and Andy McGavin in 48. These are the two V860s Frank brought to Australia in 1949.
This is certainly a rare photo. Front left is English Solo ace Jack Parker in # 48, front right is Sidecar rider Bert Martin in the Barnes # 5 and at the rear Solo star Lionel "Porky Levy. Parker had an accident and hurt himself in a midget at the Sportsground. He stuck to solos after that.
Frank "Satan" Brewer in the famous # 99 V860 Midget in the Pits at the Sportsground. 
Fay Taylour in the immaculate V860  # 9 of George Bonser. What a beautiful controlled slide.
Edna Wells in the Annabel # 6 A Model. Edna beat Fay Taylour in a series of Match races.
Brothers in law, Ray Revell in # 7 and Andy McGavin in # 48.
Bert Martin in the #60 Ford V860, ex Reece Discombe # NZ35. Later top Queensland youngster Kev Jefferson ran this car to many victories in Qld.
An aerial view of the Sydney Sports Ground in 1943 - the No.2 Cricket ground bottom RH. 
An aerial overlay in the 2000s showing how the old Sports Ground Speedway fits into the current car park and building of the Football Stadium ( RH side of pic.)
Aerial photos and overlay supplied by Andrew Soulby - Thanks Andrew.