A new page on this website for VIDEO CLIPS. As they come to hand I will present them in a small form on this site. Play them on your computer with Windows Media.
 Owners, photographers, contributors will be credited. The file size of the clip
will determine how long it will take to load. Some have original sound track, some just music.
Clip # 1
The late 
Mel Anthony
in Anthony Scio
Offenhauser # 12 at Stateline Speedway - Idaho USA.
May 2010.

Filmed and supplied by Mel, son Dennis and Grandson Andy  Anthony
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Clip # 2
Brian Darby
Bill Goode Falcon

George Liebrand
Peter Nunn Holden
# 16

Bankstown 1/2 miler.
Filmed by
 Denis Sutherland.
Converted by Glenn Munro
Clip # 3
Brian Darby Q5
Barrie Watt Q3
Howard Revell Aust. 1

Brisbane Ekka 

Filmed by
 Margaret Wells.
Clip # 4
Golden Helmet
Match Race.
June 6th 1964
Norwich - U.K.
 Ove Fundin in Red
Nigel Boocock in Blue

Supplied by
Mike Kemp UK.
Clip # 5
Jack Brabham
Cooper - HRD
Mt Druitt Raceway
Queen Elizabeth's
Coronation Day

Converted by
 Glenn Munro
Clip  # 5.

Engine start in the Falcon Q5
at Cullen Bullen Speedway 2006.

Apologies for the distortion in the video due to the small format video camera ( a toy really) reacting to the vibrations, but it's enough to give you an idea of an engine start in a vintage midget at this great little mountain track.
Clip  # 6

A very short clip of Frank Matich on the grid at Warwick Farm - NSW for the 1963 Hordern Trophy race.
Frank's first race in the Tasman Brabham - Climax.
That's a young Brian Darby in the blue Dunlop Racing
overalls at the RR of the Brabham.
Short clip ...but sweet.

Thanks to Max Stahl
 for the clip. 
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A 25 + MB download - it make take time to load - 
Clip running time 9+ minutes
Clip #  7

Midgets at the Sydney Showground Speedway - in colour - shot by John Rose in 8 mm and sent to us to enjoy by John's brother Alan Rose from South Australia.

only 40 seconds duration,
  but you are there again.

Thank you John and Alan.

Clip  # 8

A vintage midget demonstration heat from the Vintage Speedcar Spectacular at the Brisbane Exhibition Grounds 

Margaret Wells.
A 17 MB clip - it make take a little while to load.
Clip # 9

Sydney Sports Ground


Solos & Sidecars in

 the 1940s

Origin of clip unknown.
Clip  # 10

Solos & Sidecars
The Royale

The Sydney Showground.

Airey, Guasco, Kentwell.
Robson, Levy, Young, Tyerman, Ford 
& more

In 8 mm colour
filmed and supplied
by Paul Sly
Solo rider in the 1960s
Clip # 11

Midgets & Stock Cars
Westmead Speedway
NSW - mid 1960s

Filmed by John Rose
in 8mm and supplied by
 Alan Rose 
of South Australia
 for us to enjoy.

Photo on right
 by Norm Dean

Clip # 12

Demonstrations of restored vintage midgets  at Cullen Bullen Speedway 2005

Alan Mace 38
Brian Darby Q5
Bill Kilroy 23
Jeff Stevenson V46
Grahame Campbell V74

Supplied and filmed by
Glenn Munro and his crew.
Clip  # 13

Penrith Speedway - NSW
16th.June 1939

Jim McMahon - Aero # 16
Bill Reynolds - Skirrow # 78
Frank Kleinig - Hudson # 3
George Beavis - A Model # 4
Les Burrows - Hudson
Arthur Wylie (NZ) - Winner

Supplied by
John Hicks.
Jim McMahon - Aero # 16
a Byron Gunther photo
Clip # 14

The late 
Mel Anthony in the Anthony
# 12 Offenhauser.
Ephrata Speedway.

Ephrata assign a 'designated winner' before the event so Mel had to stay behind the 'designated winner' he wasn't happy.

Clip filmed and supplied by Team Anthony
Mel, Dennis and Andy.
Clip  # 15

Windsor RSL
Stock Cars 
& Rods 
8th May 1963.

Filmed and supplied by
Don Morgan of Lavington
Clip  # 16

Vintage midgets at the  
Sydney Entertainment 
Centre - 1992

...featuring an interview with  Johnny Stewart by
 Mike Raymond & see the restored Trackburner with Gordon Benny at the wheel in a demonstration run on the tiny temporary indoor dirt circuit.
( you may need to turn the volume up a bit)
Clip # 17
The 2005
Vintage/ Classic 
Speedway meeting.
October 2005.

Heat One
Vintage Midgets.

Filmed and supplied by
Margaret Wells.

This is not racing - demonstrations only. 
Clip  # 18

1979 Intercontinental. 
Heat 13
4 in the race but really only one !
Peter Collins.

Speedway at it's very finest .

In 2010 Peter has been very ill but at this date 8.11.10 I'm told by Reg Fearman he is home and going OK.
Clips 19 & 20

The late Mel Anthony in the Anthony Offy # 12

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Clip # 21
Video action
 Geoff Davis.
Speedway Photographer
Clip # 22
with Peter Nunn 
The McGees


footage courtesy
Peter Nunn.
Clips  # 23 - #24 - # 25
The late Mel Anthony 
- 2011 season.
A small selection of clips.
Thank you
 to the Anthony boys.
Clip #  26  Westmead Speedway - Midgets -  500s - Stockies.
Click on photo.
Footage courtesy of Gary Arthurson A.C.T. Brake Service.
Home of the BIG BERCO # 2
Kurri Kurri Speedway  NSW
2013 Under 21 Australian Solo Championship.
Won by 16 year old Max Fricke of Victoria..

Possibly the best Solo racing you will ever see.

Video by 
 Brian Darby

Clip # 27 
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