The Vintage Compact Club of NSW is only in it's infancy, but the standard of restorations and enthusiasm is in keeping with the other vintage clubs.
The ex Allan Streader compact # 1. Beautifully restored and is owned and driven by Vintage Compact and VSA clubmember Harold Fanning.
NSW 13, the Ash Kindred award winning restoration.  Ash raced this car successfully for many years and is now very active in club activities.
More photos to come as they are restored.
Ron Hutchinson's Australia # 1 at a show in 2009. 
The restored # 40 of John Polley
The restored # 10 of John Finch.
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The # 30 car of Col Barr.
From John Finch - 2013
After many years trying to locate my original Rolls Motors Fiat Compact
Speedcar I finally decided to build a replica.
With the help of Kevin Griffiths (who helped me build the original)
we now have the finished product.

Kevin Griffiths, has purchased this car from Jim Powell.
Formerly owned by Ron Batey. The car was originally built and raced by Ken Cosgrove.

Chassis was originally made by Ray Platt.
Hunter Wilson built the rest and the car was driven By Rod Wilson.
The car was restored by Darrel Jenkins and Joe Nell.
Clarke Wheeler is the current owner of the car.

The car car bought by Clarke Wheeler from a ad in Gumtree.
Clarke travelled to Queensland and brought the car back home.
After a bit of research, it was found to be Bob Morgan's first car, his 
'Lil Offy #99.' Here it is in all its finery and Clarke is enjoying taking it to the various tracks and having a run in it.

This car was raced by Elwyn Porter in the 60's. Clarke Wheeler bought the car (which was in bits) from the last owner Graham Whitney.
Clarke has restored the car to its former glory and proudly shows it at
 our static displays.