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Updated - 5.7.2020
1.1.2020....briandarby.info - Check out the model cars for sale on     http://www.briandarby.info/Model-Race-Cars---Books--Magazines.html

3.1.2020....Vintage Speedway - For Sale & Wanted page - more cars For Sale.

12.1.2020..Speedway Memories - Page 6 - BULK deals on popular Speedway magazines.

2.2.2020....Speedwaypics -  NEW & UNIQUE Sprintcar REAR CAM - footage from the 2002 Australian Sprintcar Championship at PCR
                                               rare action footage from a rear facing camera mounted on the cage of the Valvoline car - covers 
                                               hot laps and the Final of the Championship with an incredible new view with top colour and sound.

7.2.2020...Vintage Speedway - For Sale & Wanted page - 2x Offy magnetos.for sale 

7.2.2020...Vintage Speedway - NEW Speedway Auction House starting up - bikes-cars-memorabilia - go to For Sale & Wanted page
                 for information on inaugural Auction in March at Ash's Speedway Museum - Bathurst.

24.2.2020 -  Vintage Speedway - For Sale & Wanted - Midget # 63 price reduced.

24.3.2020 -  Vintage Speedway For Sale & Wanted - more vintage midgets parts for sale

16.5.2020....Vintage Speedway For Sale & Wanted - more cars for sale.

23.5.2020....Speedwaypics - Page 2 - two new Videos from Liverpool City Raceway in it's final season of 1989. 

22.6.2020...Vintage Speedway - For Sale & Wanted page - two new beautiful restorations for sale .  

24.6.2020...Vintage Speedway - For Sale & Wanted page - a nicely restored vintage Compact now listed.

5.7.2020.....Vintage Speedway - Vintage Speedway meeting planned for Illabo Speedway - August 1 2020 - Home page for details.