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14.7.2018......Speedwaypics.....Three New Photo DVDs - Speedway Royale ( a 3 disc set) ....Ronnie Moore...Jack Young.

                     Complete Entry package for the Sid Middlemass tribute at Illabo - Aug.18th 2018 - click Illabo logo - Home page.

15.7.2018..... Speedwaypics.....New PHOTO DVD - Touring American Sprintcar Drivers & Their Cars - 185 + original quality photo.

20.7.2018..... VintageSpeedway ....NEW Backtrack Issue # 87 - Click on Backtrack Banner - lower Home page.

20.7.2018 .....BrianDarby.Info....Rare Book 'Bathurst The Cradle of Australian Motor Racing' for sale - offers considered.
                       go to Speedway & Motor Sport Books For Sale on Home Page.

26.7.2018..... Speedwaypics...A NEW PHOTO DVD- Australian Speedcar Racing ... Twin Disc set - 1934 to 2000s.

26.7.2018......Speedwaypics...A NEW PHOTO DVD - Robbie Farr - Australian Champion.

1.8.2018........Speedwaypics...A NEW PHOTO DVD - Brooke Tatnell - Australian Champion.

5.8.2018........Speedwaypics...A NEW PHOTO DVD ...Midgets at The Royale - photos by Des Lawrence.

22.8.2018......Vintage World - Photo coverage of the Sid Middlemass Tribute meeting at Illabo on August 18 2018
                         access off link on bottom of Vintage World Home Page. 

23.8.2018.....Vintagespeedway  - on Vintage Clubs Page - new office bearers for the VSA of NSW

28.8.2018.....Vintagespeedway - For Sale & Wanted - A very nice Replica Vintage midget - Brian Mannion # 88 Datsun

8.9.2018.......Vintagespeedway - Rare and Unique Stock Car photos from Bankstown Showground in 1957.

11.9.2018.....Vintagespeedway - A pair of restored South Australian vintage cars FOR SALE - a midget and a TQ /Compact
                     go to For Sale and Wanted page.

14.9.2018....Vintagespeedway - For Sale & Wanted - A  2 valve JAWA for sale.

24.9.2018.....Vintagespeedway - click on Rowley Park heading - a photo collection from Graham Longley.

24.9.2018.....Vintagespeedway - Allan Whitfield Roper - a true Aussie Speedway pioneer of the 1920s  - click 
                    on Allan's name ( in blue) on the Home page to enjoy some pure Aussie Speedway history.

31.10.2018...Vintagespeedway - For Sale & Wanted - two magnificent restorations for sale - a Classic Midget and a Super Modified
                     in Adelaide.

19.11.2018...Speedwaypics . New DVDs for sale.

29.11.2018...SpeedwayMemories - A page of unique Brian Darby photos For Sale - click on Page 33 on Speedway Memories Home Page.

17.12.2018...SpeedwayMemories - Bulk deals on Western Springs NZ Speedway programmes - click on Page 22 on SM Home page.

19.12.2018...Speedwaypics  - A new PHOTO / Video DVD - AUSSIE STOCK CARS - scroll down Speedwaypics Home Page.

26.1.2019.....Vintagespeedway - MollyMacPhee Candid Photo Collection - in pink heading on Home page.

9.2.2019.......Speedway Archives .. new photos of our Speedway pioneers.

9.2.2019.......VintageSpeedway - link to Speedway Archives now on Home page.

9.2.2019.......Speedwaypics - Garry Rush Video & Photo DVDs now For Sale

9.2.2019.......VintageSpeedway - Illabo Entry Forms and 2019 Events calendar on Home page click on the Illabo Motorsport logos. 

13.3.2019.....Speedwaypics - NOW a page 2 of my Speedway DVDs. New DVDs available.

14.3.2019.....Speedwaypics - 3 new PHOTO DVDs now on Page 2 - Steve Kinser - Fender Benders & Super Sedans.

18.3.2019.....VintageSpeedway & Vintage World - Home Pages - A link to photos from the March Illabo Bike & Car meeting.

31.3.2019.....Speedwaypics Page 2 -Two new DVDs -The History of Australian Speedway Over the Decades & Molly's Collection - UK Riders. 

31.3.2019.... Speedway Royale - A 1925 photo from the Royal - not Speedway but interesting - bottom of Home Page.

4.4.2019......Speedwaypics - Page 2 - Two new DVDs - BC Motorsports Car & Drivers & Top Sprintcar Pics # 6. 

30.4.2019....VintageSpeedway - Link to the old Kilburn Speedway S.A. now on Home Page.

8.5.2019......VintageSpeedway - Some Speedway bike bits WANTED  on For Sale & Wanted page - can you help ?

8.6.2019......Speedwaypics - Brian Darby Photos - a DVD of a top 270 collection of photos shot by me over the years
                    Bikes - Cars - People - Places - Modern & Vintage - lots of different venues - go to Speedwaypics page 2

23.6.2019....VintageSpeedway - As from 1.7.2019 all new private ads on my For Sale & Wanted page will attract a fee of $ 10. 
                    Ad to run for 12 months or until sold. Increased website fees force this action. Existing ads may run free 
                    until September 30 2019 and can be continued after that date with payment of fee. Pay Pal available.

27.6.2019....Vintage Speedway - Home Page - old Speedways - a page on Ashfield Autodrome - Pratten Park Speedway.

8.7.2019......Vintage Speedway - For Sale & Wanted page - two beautiful Speedway bikes for sale.

19.7.2019....Speedwaypics - Bill Sticpewich MBE - a new PHOTO DVD - Bill was an Aussie Solo & Speedcar pioneer 
                    in the 1920s & 1930s - rode & drove against the best in the world in that era. 

6.8.2019.....Speedwaypics - The Final Meeting - 27.4.96 - Video DVD - Highlights of the Speedcars - Vintage & Modern .

7.8.2019.....Vintage Speedway - A new page - Speedway News(of old) - one for the enthusiast - access off Home Page.

12.8.2019...Speedway Memories - Page 12 - a roller  box full of Speedway magazines ( 210 in total) at a bargain price.

21.8.2019....Speedway Memories - Page 4 - Books - a new comprehensive range of Speedway books for all fans & collectors. 

21.8.2019....Speedway Memories - NOW AVAILABLE - Page 3 - Magazines - a HUGE range of all the popular Speedway magazines 
                   all at the one new special price of $ 5 each + P&P.

22.8.2019...Speedway Memories - Page 13 - A great collection of those very collectable Special Interest magazines - for sale. 

23.8.2019...Vintage World - Photos from the Illabo August 17 Vintage Speedway Tribute meeting - now on line 
                    access from lower Home page.

27.8.2019...BrianDarby.Info...Two new pages - Model Car- Books & Magazines and Hot Rods - Cruzin - Street Machine Magazines.

25.9.2019...VintageSpeedway - For Sale & Wanted page - USA #8 A Hi Spec Falcon 6 Roadster Midget For Sale.(in Sydney) 

2.10.2019...Speedwaypics - On page 2 . two new Photo DVDS - The Illabo Story and The Bud Stanley Album
Updated - 2.10.2019