Bill Booth, B.Bannon and Clive Sevenoaks.
B.Johnson, Clive Sevenoaks and Bob Tunks.
Frank Smee, brother of Gordon and Uncle of Nathan heads Clive Sevenoaks.
Clive in 71 gives Bob Tunks a helping hand.
Clive and Bob Tunks again.
Clive outside, R. Brett with B.Johnson.
Clive runs outside Sid Hopping.
Clive leads Victorian R.Newham.
Clive in action.
A fine still shot of Clive.
A very rare photo of a very rare car. This was the # 24 Triple J.A.P. engined midget of Eric Morton. Built by Wal Platt, Cec and Ray's father it was quite an innovation, three J.A.P. engines mounted in a triangle shape one in the front and two at the rear. 120 bhp, it was not  great success, it kept snapping chains.
A good shot of the old circuit as Stock Rods circulate. The upright posts of the fence, shown here, have been blamed as a contribution to the death of Jeff Freeman. Freeman died coming out of the bottom corner onto this back straight. 
Another great shot of the circuit, this time with Ken Sevenoaks in # 70 leading the pack.
I'd like to thank Ken and Clive Sevenoaks for the use of their fine photo collection. More of Ken and Clive's photos can be seen  shortly in conjunction with the Windsor pages and the Liverpool pages.