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This page was last updated on: March 14, 2017
17.10.16         Speedwaypics - a New PHOTO DVD - over 150 photos of Solos - Sidecars and                                            Speedcars at Rowley Park Speedway - South Australia. 
26.11.16          Speedway Memories.Com - my new website for sales of my Speedway memorabilia collection - new pages of                          memorabilia for sale being added daily - log onto domain
13.1.17            Speedway Memories - New pages added - more memorabilia for sale.
13.12.16.          Vintagespeedway - For Sale & Wanted Page - another well known restored vintage midget for sale..
16.12.16           Just Midgets - A new page of photos - The Bob Williamson Collection - link on the Home Page 
20.1.17.           Vintagespeedway - For Sale & Wanted page - two historic ex Bob Tattersall restored vintage midgets For Sale. 
28.1.17.           Aussie Road Racing - Now full scans of rare road racing programmes available for sale.
29.1.17.           Aussie Road Racing - A new photo collection now on line - the Ron Comans Collection.
6.3.17             Speedway Memories - New pages books and magazines listed - for sale.
6.3.17             Speedway Memories - New pages books and magazines listed - for sale.
21.2.17.           Vintagespeedway - Go to the Maitland Speedway page and read a first hand report on that first 'Speedway' meeting                        by the man who won the first race. Click on Bill Crampton's name bottom of Maitland page.
26.2.17.           Aussie Road Racing - Two new photo pages - the Eric Hayes - Mt Druitt & Bathurst Collections - now on line.
15.3.17.           Vintagespeedway - The ex Colin Lee Fiat NSW # 19 - a restored vintage midget - now For Sale . Go to For Sale &                            Wanted page.