John Anderson, a racer and car builder of some note has shared a few of his photos with us on Vintagespeedway - Thanks John.
My first race car -1968
Me in # 12 - Tralee Speedway - ACT - 1970
Driving the ex Dave Wignall FC at Tralee in 1971.
My EH on the asphalt at Tralee - 1978
I had a drive of the Malcolm Church Buick midget.
The site of the old Texas Speedway ( today ) in Queensland where I used to run.
Driving the BERCO REPCO headed Volvo midget # 77 at Fairbairn Speedway in the A.C.T. I co-built and raced this midget.
Some memories from Tralee Speedway - A.C.T.
Johnny Rutherford & Howard Revell
Johnny Rutherford.
Rutherford, USA # 1 & crew.
Rutherford is pushed away.
Howard Revell and # 98
Ready for a start.
George Tatnell, Johnny Fenton, Barry Pinchbeck, Ronald Mackay and Ron Mankey
Johnny Fenton and Australia # 1.
George Tatnell is presented with his trophy.
Barry Pinchbeck and his trophy.
George says a few words.
The victors on the victory lap of Round 4 of the
1976 - 77 Australian Championship.
Thanks John for the great photos and Howard Revell for some IDs.