My name is Dan Blair and I am a member of the Golden Wheels Fraternity in Seattle, Wash. USA and a friend of Mel Anthony.  I enjoy your website Vintage Speedway but mostly enjoy the page on Westmead Speedway as when I was stationed in Vietnam I took my R&R to Sydney.  
    While there a friend and myself took a bus, trolley or some type of public transportation out to Westmead for the Sunday afternoon races. This I believe was in March or April of 1968. I still have the photos taken that day and would like to share them with you and your website viewers.   
  My seven days in Sydney were probably the best seven days of my four years in the United States Air Force.

Best regards
Dan Blair

Fabulous photos from a great era in Aussie Speedway,
Thank you Dan
Clive Sevenoaks leads Jeff Pickering (out) Charlie Lack - Tony Ward (in).
Clive Sevenoaks.
Kevin Easterbrook.
Pickering leads Peter Dickerson.
Don Fortune # 7
Stan Baldwin # 29 leading.
Billy Douglas # 29.
Clive Sevenoaks leads Charlie Lack.
Sevenoaks leading Warner - Lack and Fortune.
Thank you to Allan Wheeler for IDs.
From Front: Fortune. Winterbottom, Ward, Phillips (blue) , Hanchard, (yellow) Dickerson, Pickering , Easterbrook, Hayhurst.
Phillips, Sevenoaks, Birkett, Lack, Hanchard, Ward, Briton, Pickering, Fortune, Booth, Warner, ?,? Hayhurst.