A small collection of photos of Dud McKean. Dud rode from 1960 to 1972 and represented Australasia in a 1964 Test match when in the U.K.He also holds a track record at Claremont Speedway in Perth, W.A.  Photos were supplied by Dud's daughter....Thank you Linda..
During the final of the Scottish Championship in Edinburgh in 1966, Dud tried a move for the lead but came unstuck in a big way. Eric Boothroyd on the fence and Doughy Templeton coming into frame.
Dud gets some assistance from the Ambulance men.
The 1964 Australasian Team against England.
L to R : Brian McKeown (NZ), Bill Andrews ( NZ), Trevor Redmond (NZ), Dud McKean ( Aust.) Wayne Briggs (NZ)& Geoff Mudge (Aust.)
Circa 1970 and Dud is out in front of Les Sharpe & Des Knoble at Claremont in W.A.
Thank you Linda for these pics of your Dad.