A collection of photos from Rowley Park Speedway - South Australia in `1972-73 seasons courtesy of  Graham Longley via Jim Scaysbrook.
Thank you Graham & Jim.
A big thank you to top S.A. Speedway Historian 
Graeme Frost for IDs on this page.
Nigel Boocock.
Arnold Haley (UK).
Len Bowes & Bob Sierp.
Bill Mitchell & Dennis Weaver
Bill Wigzell.
Kevin Taylor & Daryl Reid.
Mike Wasina.
Greg Anderson.
Glyn Taylor.
Robin Amunsdon leading.
Colin Thompson.
Brian Bennett.
Left to right: Steve Reinke, Doug Wyer, Kym Amundson.
Left to right: George Hunter, John Langfield, Peter Collins, Billy Sanders.
Left to right: Barry Thomas, Eric Broadbelt, Arnold Haley, Bob Kilby, 
Peter Collins, Nigel Boocock.
Left to right: John Langfield, John Boulger, Chris Bass, Phil Crump. Bob Valentine (obscured), Kym Amundson, Steve Reinke (obscured).

Chris Bass on right.
Test Match. Australia

December 1