Granville Showground - A Showground - a 1/2 mile Trotting Track and a Speedway. 
The Speedway running on the big 1/2 mile dirt track from the 1932 - 33 season until October 17th. 1936 . 
The Speedway closed after the Oct.17th. meeting due to the poor safety standards relating to the safety fence. 

In later years, January 1977, a clay 460 mtrs. Sprintcar Speedway track was laid inside the big dirt track and the 
venue was then to be known as Parramatta City Raceway. The track still operating in 2019 and known as 
Valvoline Raceway. 
Solo riders competing on 10.10.36 were : Ray Duggan - Vic Duggan - Frank Malouf- Bill Melluish - Dick Sulway - Eddie Berhman - Cec Garland - amongst others - Sidecars were - Ern Steward - Alf Walshaw - 
Jack Parsons (Eng.).  
It was 41 years before Speedway was to be held at Granville Showground again. 
Sydney Speedway is a 460 metres (500 yards) dirt track speedway which opened in 1977 at the old Granville Showground as the Parramatta Speedway. The clay surface caters mainly to Sprintcars and has been home to some of Australia's greatest drivers including ten times Australian Sprintcar Champion Garry Rush, and multiple title holders George Tatnell, his son Brooke Tatnell, and Max Dumesny. The speedway is also the only venue not in North or Central America to host a round of the famous World of Outlaws sprintcar series.
In later years :
A 1943 aerial view of Granville Showground.
An aerial view in later years of the 460 mtr Sprint Car Speedway track and Pit area at the old Granville Showground.
Ironically this trotter on the Granville Showground track is named Solo Boy .
Photo courtesy of Gary Reid.
The Speedway programme from the 10th October 1936 meeting.
Programme courtesy of Jan Grainger.
Ray Duggan & Bill Melluish.
Vic Duggan.
Ted Green.
Les Dillon.
Cec 'Gruff' Garland.
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SPEEDWAY CRASH  - 10.10.1936
Four Persons Injured.
A motor cycle and sidecar, while travelling
at about 60 miles an hour, crashed into the
fence during the final of the Australian 
Sidecar Handicap at the Granville Speedway on Saturday afternoon, and four persons were
injured, one-the occupant of the sidecar
The accident occurred during the second
lap of the race, and at a moment when  William Yourn was challenging the English open champion, Jack Parsons, for the lead. They raced desperately toward the "pit" bend, at the northern end of the track, and as they
neared the turn the wheel of Yourn's sidecar
spun from the axle. It careered along the
track and then struck the fence, while the
driver made desperate efforts to regain con-
trol of his machine. Yourn was unable to
do so, however, and, with a resounding crash,
It splintered the woodwork of the dividing
fence and the front of the sidecar was sent
hurtling among the spectators.
After the accident the officials decided to
abandon the remainder of the programme,
Norman St. Julien, 20, of KingSt., New-
town, who was in the sidecar, had both feet
and' legs badly crushed, the left foot being
almost torn from the socket, and he suffered
other Injuries also. He was hurled with
terrific force, amid a shower of splintered
timber from the fence, along with the side-
car, among the spectators. Three onlookers
who received injuries were: Mervyn Kirkham,
19, of Zillah ST., Guildford, concussion
and shock; Beatrice Porrltt, l8, of Ferris
St., Annandale, probable fractured ribs
and shock; and Ruth Stubbing, 22, of Shirley
St., Granville, abrasions to the face and
They were all taken by the Parramatta
Auburn District Ambulance to Parramatta Dis-
trict Hospital, where St. Julien was admitted
in a serious condition. Yourn escaped with
a few scratches to the hands and face.

Above : Sydney Morning Herald report 12.10.1936
Max Campbell in his Rajo Ford #4 at Granville Speedway in circa 1931. This was a 'big car' not a midget Speedcar. 
The big cars ran at the big 1/2 mile Granville Showground circuit in the early 1930s as they did at Wentworth Park. 
Max Campbell went on to establish the Austin / Morris / BMC motor dealership at Bankstown NSW 
under the name of R.M.Campbell . It was the first motor garage in Bankstown.
Photo courtesy of Max's son Doug Campbell.