Kilburn Speedway - South Australia

    Kilburn Speedway was developed by Rocky Marshall between the first meeting on January 19th.1946 and the last meeting on 7th.March 1951. It hosted great racers like Sir Jack Brabham ( Australian Speedcar Champion of 1948 at the Sydney Showground ), Harry Neale, Wally Watson, Laurie Jamieson, Jack Young, George Robertson and Champion Speedway rider Vic Duggan in 1949 attracting a record crowd. In 1950 Jack Young defeated Victoria`s Andy Menzies ( Holder of the 1/4 mile lap record ) in January while Jim Davies won the Australian Sidecar Championships at Kilburn Speedway in February 1950.
Location Address:Churchill Road, Jack Watkins Reserve, Kilburn, 5084
State:South Australia
Photos on this page courtesy of Michael Wakefield - S.A.-Thank you to Graeme Frost for dates.
Kilburn 7th. February 1951. 5th Test : Back Row 1. Jack Williams, 2. Frank Young, 3. Bob Leverenz, 4. Lionel Van Praag, 5. Frank Woodroofe, Front Row : 6. Aub Lawson, 7. Keith Ryan, 8.Jack Gates.
Ron Anderson and passenger - 1948- 1949
Kilburn Speedcars & drivers.
Thank you Michael for sharing this great collection.
1951 -England Test Team - line up.
Bob Leverenz
The Jamieson Brothers 
Jack Brabham.
Harley Hammond at the first Speedway meeting at Kilburn Speedway. 
Left: Harry Neale - 1945.
Modern day site of the old Kilburn Speedway - X marks the spot.