A big "Thank You" to VSRA Clubmember Kevin Rae for supplying these Des Lawrence Westmead photos from his collection.
What a great combination, the mighty Aub Lawson on the left and Bill Bryden, Bill was NSW Solo champ in 1959.
Barry Hopkin, Barry was NSW Junior Solo champ in 1963 and lost his life at the Royale on 13.11.1965.
Brian Collins, Brian was NSW Junior Solo champ in 1956 and NSW Solo champ in 1961 and 1962.
Graeme Hartman was NSW Junior Solo champ in 1961.
A different shot of Bill Bryden.
The one and only "Cowboy" Bobby Sharp. Bob was Australian Solo champ in 1962 and 1965,
A bit of Westmead sidecar action as Eric Davies gets into strife on the inside of Colin Hodgekiss.
The field in a Handicap event, Graeme Hartman leading Bruce Croxon from Noel Thorley, Noel Richards and Bob Sharp.
Noel Thorley, wearing the Odsal breastplate, leads Graeme Hartman, Bob Sharp and Noel Richards.
Bill Bryden ( outside ) and Aub Lawson hard at it !
John Hook leads Graeme Hartman, Bob Sharp and Greg Kentwell .
Bob Sharp leads Noel Thorley.
Noel Thorley, one of Ausralia's greatest Handicap racers, leads Bob Sharp.
Brian Collins runs the low line while Bill Bryden over slide up high.
Aub wearing one of his many Aussie Test jackets leads Bill Bryden.
THIS WAS AUB LAWSON.  110% every ride.
Thank you Kevin for sharing your memories with us on "Vintagespeedway".