A collection of Solo, Sidecar and Stockcar photos from enthusiast Ian Sagaris.....Thanks Ian.
Aub Lawson, Aussie solo icon and 10 times World Solo Final contender.
Sydney solo stalwart, Arthur Trudgitt, rode regularly at the Sydney Sports Ground and Cumberland Oval.
Don Lawson, step brother to Aub, with his Newcastle (NSW ) jacket on. Don rode for West Ham in the UK in the 1950s. 
An very early pic of Aub Lawson on the infield at the famous Sydney Sports Ground Speedway.
Don Lawson sporting the West Ham race jacket.
A nice shot of Hugh Geddes wearing his  Exeter race jacket.
You don't see a lot of head shots of this bloke, Joe Peck.
The original 'White Ghost", 
Ken Le Breton wearing his Scottish Test race jacket .
Ken Le Breton, white bike, white leathers.
Joe Peck in action.
Lionel Levy, nicknamed "The Mighty Atom" because of his small stature. His other nickname was "Porky". Lionel rode in the UK for the Coventry Team in the 1950s.
1954 -  A young Phil Leth receives a trophy from midget legend Frank ' Satan ' Brewer. Phil was a regular rider at the Royale, the Sydney Sports Ground, Bathurst and Cumberland.
A great pic of a young Vic Carne.
Lionel Levy and Hugh Geddes. Lionel lost his life at the Royale in a comeback ride on 10.2.1968.
Ray Anderson runs inside of Jack Kemp at Cumberland Oval Parramatta.
Bert Martin on one of his famous Harley outfits.
Maisie Richardson presents trophies to Bill Bingham left,  Sid Hopping, right, you can just see Brian " Bluey " Barnes in the background. Sid had a full career in Speedway with bikes and cars and went onto establish the Parramatta City Raceway clay Sprintcar oval. 
A great action pic of Brian ' Bluey ' Barnes.
Brian Barnes, his passenger, a trophy and the Vincent. Brian lost his life at Westmead Speedway in a dual fatality accident with his passenger Tony Harrison on 19.8.1956.
Ern Hughan says a few words on the mike at Westmead.
Maisie Richardson again with Jack Bissaker on the right and passenger Merv Quick left,as they receive  trophies for their night's work. Jack lost his life in a midget at the Royale on 21.10.1961.
Jack Crowhurst.
Neil McDonald and mate skylark at a Krazy Night at Parramatta Speedway, Cumberland Oval in the mid 1950s.
A more serious Neil McDonald listens intently to what midget legend Frank "Satan" Brewer is saying in the presentation of a trophy. Neil was not only an accomplished sidecar rider but also a successful solo rider as well. 
Thanks Ian for this great variety of Solo and Sidecar photos..

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Midget racing at Cumberland.