Bob and the famous yellow Saylor's Offy # 55.

Ex South Aussie driver  and VSA of NSW clubmember Gordon Benny now owns the ex Saylors Offy and it's restoration is just about finished.
Who needs  4 wheels to race a midget ?

Obviously Bob didn't !         A photo of his famous 3 wheel race finish in the Cascio Offy # 5
Bob sits in the car while Bruce Rickard, left, looks on. The Golden Fleece sheep on the car's bonnet.
Bob drove this Ford V860  # 57 in South Australia.
Arn Sunstrom in the Repco just leads Bob in the V860 at Rowley Park.
Joe Blow in # 99 loses it in front of Harry Neale in # 1 and Bob runs around the top in the V860 
# 57.
A rare error for Bob, he hit the fence in 
 # 57.
A close up shot of Bob in the cockpit of the V860 # USA 57. Note the "Two Gun" Tattersall on the cowling.
A 50 Lap Golden Fleece World Derby win for Bob at Rowley Park. 
L to R. Ross Goonan (NZ) 3rd., Bruce Rickard 2nd., Bob 1st. and Jack O'Dea.4th.
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