Their Last Resting Places
DA webpage to honour those who have left us in Speedway,  
their final resting places.

Arthur George 'Bluey' Wilkinson
1938 World Speedway Champion. 

Lost his life on a road bike in Australia after a trip to the local cinema with his wife Muriel.
They were hit by an out of control truck.
27th. July 1940

Muriel survived but Bluey died aged 28.

Bluey's grave is at the Bathurst Cemetery
 NSW Australia.

 Ray Duggan and Norm Clay lost their lives as a result of a crash at the Sydney Sportsground Speedway on 

Friday - 20th. January 1950

Ray died on the 20th. Norm on the 21st.

Ray aged 32 - Norm 29.

They rode together - died together and were buried together -  side by side
in a dual grave 
 Botany Cemetery - NSW Australia.

Grave photos by Ramon Carroll
    RAY  DUGGAN                                                                                    NORM  CLAY
Francis James 'Ken' Le Breton 
 1924 - 1951

    Ken Le Breton was on the verge of possible world champion status when he lost his life as the result of an accident in an England vs Australia Test Match at the Sydney Sportsground Speedway - NSW- Australia on Friday 5th. January 1951. 

It was the last heat (Heat 18) Ken was running 4th. and he tangled with Eddie Rigg of England as he was trying for 3rd. place.

Ken promoted himself riding under the name of 'The White Ghost' as he had white leathers and a bike painted white.

Grave photos by
 Ramon Carroll
Kevin  Jefferson
1937 - 1963
    Kev Jefferson was an up and coming young Speedcar driver in Queensland, Australia.  
    He lost his life in a Speedcar accident at the Brisbane Exhibition Speedway on 11th. May 1963.
Sherman L . Cleveland (USA)
1937 - 1966
Sherman Cleveland was an American Speedcar driver who toured Australia with 
Bob Tattersall (USA) 1966.
Arthur George 'Bluey' Wilkinson
Robert  George  'Bob'  Tattersall ( USA )
1924  -  1971
Bob 'Two Gun' Tattersall was the most popular and most successful American Speedcar driver to tour Australia in the 1950s and 1960s.  

His first racing tour was to 
Rowley Park Speedway 
South Australia in 1958.

 He died of Cancer in the U.S. 
October 27th. 1971

Grave photos courtesy of 
Wayne Meyer.
Photo  by Vince  Quinlan
Jeffery  Edwin  Freeman
1937  - 1965
Jeff  Freeman
one of Australia's greatest Speedcar drivers, his life cut short at 
Westmead Speedway 
on 9th May - Mother's  Day 1965.

Aubrey  Lawson
1914  - 1977
    Aub Lawson , undoubtedly one of Australia's and the world's greatest Speedway Solo riders.

9 times Australian Champion 
Multi State Championships

Qualified for non run 1939 World Final
 9 times World Speedway Finalist 
Placed 3rd. 1958

Promoter of Westmead and Claremont Speedways in Australia, Captain of Norwich Speedway team in the UK.

Grave photos courtesy of
 Reg Fearman (UK)

Ronald  Johnson
1907  - 1983
Australian International star rider of the 1930s, 1940s & 1950s  Ron was of film star status in England during those several early decades.

Winner of many titles and Championships both in 
Australia and the UK.

Ron died penniless in W.A. and the finance for his memorial and grave stones were arranged by a Speedway supporter in W.A.

Grave photos courtesy 
Reg Fearman (UK)
Lionel William Levy
aka -'Porky' & 'The Mighty Atom'
Lionel Levy - a Champion Australian Solo Speedway rider and Australian Test Team representative.  Lionel won the 4 lap Australian Solo Championships in 1952 & 1953 and ran 2nd. in 6 other Australian Championship title events. 
He lost his life as the result of an accident the Sydney Showground Speedway on 10th. February 1968 
during a come back from retiring. He passed away at St Vincents Hospital in Sydney on Wednesday 21.2.1968.
Lionel's remembrance plaque at Rookwood Cemetery Crematorium   
a suburb of Sydney.
 image thanks to Ramon Carroll
The event in which LIonel had the accident at the Sydney Showground Speedway . He put his bike down to avoid a fallen rider and was hit from behind.
Rest in Peace - Lionel
Lionel in action at Parramatta's Cumberland Oval Speedway