Joe Blow overslides in front of Arn Sunstrom in # 8 and Harry Neale in # 1. Arn Sunstrom lost his life at Rowley Park on 23.1.1959 and Harry Neale lost his life at Claremont Speedway, W.A. on 6.2.1959
Joe Blow still in trouble in front of Harry Neale in #1 with Bob Tattersall up high on the fence.
Kym Bonython in # 2 with Joe # 99
Kim Dart # 13 in strife, Rex Sendy up high.
Ray Huppatz leads Kym Bonython.
Cars everywhere ! Out wide Dean Hogarth in # 20, Ron Wood in # 10, Bruce Rickard in # 17, Dud Lambert in # 50 and Bob Tattersall in # 55.
Bill Wigzell lets off steam in # 22.
Bill Smith in his Repco Holden powered Roadster # 20.
Arn Sunstrom runs outside Kym Bonython in # 2. Is   # 2 the ex Harold Barnes, Bill Reynolds NSW 3 ?  Anybody know ?
The Joe Briggs car after a crash.
Stud and Alf Beasley in # 56 and # 55 V860s.
The original collector of these photos, Kevin Trevan. Kevin as a young fan poses in the Joe Blow midget. No doubt the thoughts of sliding the midget through the turns at Rowley Park running through his young mind.
Len Golding in the ex Jack Brabham twin SA3.
Frank "Satan" Brewer in the # 99 Ford V860 runs outside Len Golding in the ex Brabham twin SA3.
Joe Blow doesn't look exactly comfortable as # 99 digs in and is about to go over.
American visitor Dick "Jet" Brown in the # 5 Offy.
Dave Cooper in # 0 in trouble in front of Arn Sunstrom.