The photos on this page are courtesy of Ken and Clive Sevenoaks, from their personal collection.  My thanks to them both for the opportunity to share their memories with us.
Ken's # 70 Stock car.
Clive's car # 16
Max Hugo in 38 with Clive sideways in # 16.
# 70 without her clothes on.
J.Larkin # 40 & B. Doyle # 42
Clive with what looks like a Fiat 500 cab on # 13
Fred Otten in #12.
Stockie action with, F.Dickinson, N.Moxom and B.Flood
Ken Sevenoaks in 70 gets amongst it with F.Dickinson and C.Caesar.
Clive in 16 runs with the pack.
# 70 on the Westmead Speedway infield.
Garry Rush.
An early Hot Rod at Westmead.
Don Fortune.
Bill Booth.
Dick Briton.
HOT RODS at Westmead.
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