Valda Matthews, a Victorian Speedway fan for many years, sits in the Al McCoy Vic.#1 midget at Brenock Park Speedway, Victoria, circa 1948-49.  In 2006 the wheel has turned full circle as Valda's daughter, Jeanette, now runs vintage midgets in vintage Speedway demonstration events in Victoria.
Valda's Visitors.
The Beasley # 55 V860.
The Art Geary car # 36
Art Lidsey in Vic. #27.
The other Beasley V860 Edelbrock, # 56
Very successful Victorian midget campaigner,
Cec Warren in Vic. # 2.
Cyril Anderson in Vic.# 30
Fred Haag in car, W.Walker standing.
The Reg Matthews # Vic.5 car.
The car of Tim Hocking.
Thank you to Jeanette Williams for supplying these historic pics of her mother's from Brenock Park,Vic. 
The Fred Hagg car.
The # 77 of J. Chambers.